D.M.E. offers professional installation of heating cables and systems

Energy & Heating cable

Defy winter with our heating cables

We offer quality solutions in terms of comfort, performance and winter safety. We offer underfloor heating systems.

Products and systems for the electrical power industry

D.M.E. is a supplier of products for its pipe de-icing systems, and snow removal and de-icing of gutters and racks. We offer snow removal systems for ramps and access roads, and regulation and monitoring systems. Our products have been designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients and offer an optimal solution for each use.

Their advantages

  • Products are designed for specific uses, ensuring an optimal solution
  • Heating cables and strips provide temperature control and monitoring
  • Heating cables protect pipes against freezing
  • Protection against freezing of gutters and ramps is ensured

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Computer network

Solution for data centre, components for computer networks, optical fibre and copper cabling system. Network and server racks, electrical cabinets, power distribution, air conditioners for cabinets plus accessories.



Fire safety solutions & smoke extraction system


Energy & Heating cable

Products and systems for the electric power industry. Raychem self-regulating heating cables are used for freeze protection of pipes, maintaining the temperature of fluids and processes, tracing tanks, clearing snow from gutters, racks and ramps, maintaining the temperature of the flow of domestic hot water at tap opening and even underfloor heating.



Optical fibre and copper products and components for FTTH and FTTX infrastructures.



Sealing devices: cable passage, fire separations, etc.


Industry & Electricity

Fuses, relays, junction blocks, cable glands, heat shrink tubing, etc.